Zevez is Improving the Accounts Payable Process

Businesses are moving from checks to a more efficient payment tools; credit cards. Paying with a credit card earns benefits that check payments just don’t, so businesses save time and earn money. Zevez customers earn cash rebates or reward points, improve cash flow 30-45 days and save on banking fees.

Using a card is simply a better way to pay business invoices, and many vendors accept cards. Every day we have hundreds of customers paying thousands of vendors with a credit card. Paying by card is a great business decision; it’s easy and efficient.

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Our Mission Statement

To be a world leader in delivering products and services that make it easy for our customers to pay business invoices with credit cards, saving them time and money.

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RewardWorks is slick, straightforward and exactly what we needed. It batches payments and transfers the liability. I can process 100 + invoices with the touch of a button! It was designed for GP so is simple to learn. It's actually more straight forward to issue card payments than cutting a check.
-CASSANDRA CHAVES, Accounts Payable Supervisor, SolarCity